ProximityCuba has worked with prestigious institutions and organizations from diverse sectors, including those listed below:


1. Codepink
2. University of New Mexico 
3. University of Memphis
4. University of Redlands 
5. University of Nebraska at Omaha
6. University of Nebraska at Kearny
7. University of Wisconsin at Eau Claire
8. University of Wisconsin at Green Bay
9. University of Minnesota at Duluth
10. University of Wittenberg at Ohio
11. Bowie State University
12. Middle Tennessee State University
13. Eastern Tennessee State University
14. Tufts University
15. Rollins College
16. University of Salisbury 
17. Kearney University
18. Harvard University
19. New York University
20. Howard University
21. Santa Barbara City College
22. Tamarind Institute
23. Tennessee Consortium for International Studies
24. Kentucky Institute for International Studies
25. National Association for Multicultural Education
26. American Board of Vocational Experts (ABVE)
27. American Institute for Foreign Studies
28. Humanities Nebraska Foundation 
29. Crosby Foundation
30. ThoughtWorks
31. International Network of Integrative Mental Health
32. University of Texas at El Paso
33. University of Alabama at Birmingham

 What former participants are saying about our programs

"I absoluetly loved the program. It was beyond my expectations. The people we encountered were without a doubt my favorite part of the trip. I got to know the character of Cuba through its people"Michayela RosarioUniversity of Memphis
"The trip was full of rich history and beautiful culture. For me, the most important part was to be able to connect with the other participants, both Cuban and American, and to acknowledge that we aren't so different after all"Josh MoodyUniversity of Kearney
"The speakers were engaging and provided great insight into Cuban culture and history. Activities such as our visit to the see the model of Old Havana and the organic farm allowed me to visualize our class discussions and helped me to develop a better understanding of the history and culture."Katie McKeelUniversity of Memphis
"I learned so much about Cuba, the variety of its people, cultures, religions, customs, foods, drinks, and economy. Every facet of the program was professional and amazing."Austin JohnsonUniversity of Memphis
"I was impressed with how accommodating and friendly the people were. I was also very much pleased with how much contact we had on a daily basis with guides whether traveling to Cuba from Tampa or actually being in Cuba."Jaseudia KillionUniversity of Memphis
"I was thoroughly impressed with the program, the level of professionalism, excitement, and hospitality that was provided. The hosts were very accommodating and it felt good not to have to worry about details"Courtney RobertsonUniversity of Memphis
"My favorite aspect of the program was the ability to better know and understand life in Cuba by interacting with citizens and participating in well considered activities."Denise BoederUniversity of New Mexico
"Not only did the program meet my expectations, but greatly exceeded them. Cuba is a great country, which has always interested me. It was fantastic to actually spend time with the people there, and to learn about the culture, and how it differs from other Spanish-speaking countries."Ana Basoa ManeiroTnCIS
"I learned so much, that I did not previously know, about the history and culture of Cuba, all while looking at specific areas of interest (education, health, economy, art, agriculture). Also, I built lasting relationships with locals."Shelley ThomasUniversity of Memphis
"All of our activities were phenomenal. They each held rich history and information that I do not believe I would have experienced with any other educational tour."Daevonya JonesBowie State University
"The most important aspect was for me to witness my students' “transformation.” Their appreciation for the Cuba culture, people, and history was satisfying. Your organization was fully responsible for this wonderful experience."Andre P. StevensonBowie State University
"I was thrilled with the program and so impressed by the people who planned it, and who guided and accompanied us."Kathy TemplemanUniversity of New Mexico
"I really enjoyed the lectures. They have caused me to reevaluate my views on life and the ways in which Americans view the world."Johnny Hayes Jr.University of Memphis
"For me the most important outcome was the connection I made with Proyecto Espiral and Okantomi. I have always wanted to continue working in the field of intercultural communication and global cooperation, and so meeting groups of people with similar initiatives was unexpected and amazing." Jade K. Stokes University of New Mexico
"The possibility of having the experience of the pace of life and rhythm present in the Cuban life, and to see firsthand what the country has in favor, and what can become better." Camilo Garzon Rollins College